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Call Tracker Pro - Analog Line Recorder

Call Tracker Pro offers all of the great features of the Call Tracker series plus additional call handling capability. It is a complete stand-alone call recording solution - no host PC is required and installation is quick and simple. Call Tracker connects directly to your phone lines and records all of your calls onto its built-in memory. Compatible with Analog phones/lines or with a PBX, every call detail is recorded.

In addition to all of the features and services offered by the Call Tracker - Call Tracker Pro can:

- Answer incoming calls and play a welcome greeting alerting callers that calls are being recorded

- Play a second message while callers are waiting for the phones to be answered (optional)

- Play an After-Hours message to advise callers of business hours (optional)

- Provides a Message/Music on hold interface for direct connection to a telephone system as an MOH source

You can use SMDR integration with supported phone systems for full extension side reporting. Statistics are available detailing call activity with Call Tracker Manager software and can also be exported into Excel. Optional web based storage and call playback is also available. The video below shows the Call Tracker Manager interface used to listen to and reveiw calls.

Call Tracker Pro - Complete Call Management


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Call Tracker Pro comes with an 8GB SD card for call storage, which will store approximately 80 hours of calls. The SD card can be expanded up to 64GB which will store approximately 600 hours worth of calls. Calls can also be exported to a shared or network location to save calls for longer storage. Call Tracker Pro comes complete with Tracker Manager software to allow management from anywhere on your LAN/Network and can be accessed remotely using port forwarding on your router.

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Included with the Call Tracker Pro Basic Package:

-Generic Welcome Greeting advising callers that the call is being recorded

-Callers will hear a ringing phone while waiting for calls to be answered

-Generic After Hours greeting advising that you are closed

-Generic Music on Hold message

Optional Services:

-Customized Welcome Greeting with your Company Name and message

-Customized queue message while waiting for calls to be answered

-Customized After Hours Greeting with your Company Name and Business Hours

-Customized Music/Message on hold message

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