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Solutions For Demanding Business

Complete connectivity options

We have connectivity options for every application whether you wish to record a single phone, a small department, your whole buisness, digital, analog or ip phone lines with Desktop or Central connection. You can mix and match any option, check out which is best for your business.

Desktop, centralized or web based reporting

Every recorder from our single desktop devices has the option to record, playback and report on the desktop, centrally on your network or securely hosted on our web services platform.

Small Office solutions, Big Office features. Which one is right for you?

Desktop Solutions

Our Desktop solutions are compatible with all business phone types. You can start with a single Desktop Digital, Analog or IP Tap USB Call Recorders and grow to any size with central storage, control & reporting.

BackOffice IP/SIP

Our centralized server based IP/SIP recorder for ip lines or phones. Backoffice IP is compatible with most popular IP protocols and simply connects to your data network to monitor and record your phones.

Call Caddy

Call Caddy is a revolution in call queuing, recording, monitoring and management of calls for retail, service sector and fast food business. You will be amazed at what this product can do for your call handling!

BackOffice Digital 4/16

Our stackable Digital 04 & Digital 16 provides extension side recording for most popular phone systems. Installed on a dedicated PC, BackOffice Digital provides secure centrally connected digital station-side call recording.

Call Tracker 2/4/8 ***

Our flagship stand-alone recording miracle! It's Plug n' Play, installed in minutes, no PC required. Connect to a network & open up a world of web based management, reports & alerts via PC, Tablet or Smartphone!

Web Solutions

Connect your Call Recorder to our Web Services and discover valuable comprehensive monitoring, storage, reporting, staff management & alerts for a small monthly fee!

MultiCorder ISDN

Our MultiCorder products are designed to connect onto digital network phone lines and provide ISDN 'Line Side' (BRI/PRI) recording with extension side detail using our phone system SMDR Integration module.

Call Tracker Plus

The larger version of our flagship Call Tracker product records up to 32 lines, has greater on-board storage and is housed in a 3U rack system for rugged installation.