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Why You Need To Record Your Calls

More Reasons, More Features, Lower Costs & Secure!

The days of Call Recording being expensive to implement, equipment intensive & difficult to justify are long gone. As pioneers in delivering low cost, easy to implement, feature rich solutions, we're pretty sure that when you discover our products, services & pricing you will be asking yourself 'Why shouldn't I record every call?'.

To help you understand the key reasons, applications & legalities of recording calls, we've provided a background below. We're happy to chat online, by phone or email to help you make the right decision.

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5 Key Call Recording & Monitoring Applications

Reasons you may wish to Record & Monitor Phone Calls:

  • Stop lost calls and lost business opportunities
  • Improve customer service & increase sales through best practice
  • Record transactions of value, reduce disputes & refunds
  • Comply with industry regulations
  • Increase security & avoid abuse

Whatever your primary purpose, there are always secondary spin-off benefits worth investigating, especially when you connect one of our recorders to our Web Services.

1. Lost Calls Are Lost Business!

In some businesses a lost call can mean lost business. Examples include fast food/restaurant, retail and the business to consumer service sector. If a caller doesn't get answered they may not call back or may call a competitor. That's a direct loss of business and direct loss of profit. It's why our call recorders tell you when you're losing calls and can even alert you in advance (via our Web Services intelligence) when your call answering deteriorates and you are likely to lose calls. It's this direct real-time alerting & reporting that allows you to make decisions to ensure calls are answered. Our Call Caddy can even answer your callers, hold them in a queue and give out useful information to help callers stay on the line at busy times. Intelligent Recording have the very best tools to ensure you stop lost calls whatever your business size.

2. Improving Customer Service

Often the telephone is the only communications exposure a customer has with an organization. Maximizing customer service is key to converting enquiries to orders and converting first time customers to long term profits. Individuals within a customer service department often vary greatly in their effectiveness. Call Recording allows you to listen in to what's really being said, identify training and improvements required and to use Best Practice recordings from your most successful staff as great examples to others. Better customer service translates directly to higher revenue, margin and profits. Our Call Recording solutions have all the tools for you to evaluate and grade your staff and monitor improvements over time and effectiveness of training.

3. Record Transactions Of Value

It's not always possible to ask for written confirmation of all the detail in every order and instruction with your customers or suppliers. Often a formal order could have resulted in a phone conversation between your staff and the customer and certain assumptions made by both. Recording these details is important to avoid disputes, refunds and compensation or protracted 'he said, she said' dialogues. Being able to quickly retrieve a conversation and working out where the misunderstanding happened is key to stopping unecessary compensation especially to those who take advantage of the situation. Our Call Recording solutions have the features for you to find any call on date, time or number and to listen and if necssary email sections to your customer to conclude a compliant and avoid wasted time.

4. Industry Regulations Compliance

Certain industries are mandated by their governing bodies to follow certain procedures when taking orders or instructions to switch services over the phone. This may be a legal obligation or part of a voluntary code of practice for respected industry affiliates.

Financial Services industries are often mandated to Record Phone Conversations, Medical and Legal Advice lines are also primary targets due to the high levels of compensation involved where 'professional advice' given is reported to be at fault. Recording calls where insudtry compliance is required is a good way to demonstrate compliance with mandatory and voluntary procedures and our recording solutions deliver all the security and features needed for this type of user.

5. Increase Security & Avoid Abuse

The telephone is often the communication medium threats are made; this is because often the threatening party can remain virtually anonymous and distant from the person or organization they are trying to affect.Large commercial organizations are becoming the target for security alerts as the threatening party may simply be seeking to disrupt normal lives and generate inconvenience.

There is also an increasing trend of public workers (such as teachers, benefit workers etc.) being verbally abused by callers who feel they are being unfairly treated or simply don't agree with the conclusions your organization may have reached concerning them. It has become the employers’ obligation to protect employees from malicious calls and offer a duty of care.

Call Recording in this situation has two benefits, it allows the abused employee to highlight the level of severity of the call and also may help prove who the caller was, or that the call was genuine abuse and not harmless banter. If a caller knows the call is being recorded they may think twice before making threats as they know it could be used as evidence. Our call recording solutions protect thousands of employees everday and offer a deterrent to abusive callers in many industries.