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Universal Adapter 3.0

The Universal Adapter 3.0 connects to any Analog phone line or the handset cord of any Digital/IP phone. Linking to your PC via USB it's a great plug n' play solution for Home Office or small groups with any phone type.

Our Desktop Software (included) provides comprehensive Phone Recording, Playback & Call Management features for individual PC users or small groups. Key features include:

  • Record calls automatically or manually (start, stop, pause, resume)
  • Store Date, Time, Duraltion, Caller ID, Dialled Digits
  • Store on local PC, centrally on network or on our secure web server
  • Add comments & notes, signify importance
  • Email, export or convert recordings to WAV file
  • Works with Call Manager & Reporter Pro networked based supervisors

Perfect Single Line Recorder or curly-cord connectivity of any phone


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The Universal Adapter 3.0 is a universal way to record calls from any type of phone. Connect using 'Line Mode' to any Analog phone (see Connectivity option above) and benefit from Caller ID (if available) and digits dialed detection. If you need to record calls from a digital business phone or IP phone you can connect in handset mode (see second picture in Connectivity option above). Note - during handset mode you will not receive Caller ID or Dialed Digits. You may find that our Desktop Digital or Desktop IP products are more suitable for Digital or IP Phones if they are compatible with your model telephone.

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In a business or Call Center Recording environment you can Record Calls from multiple agents, store recorded calls on a central server and listen to and manage call recordings using our XTR Reporter Pro Supervisor Software.

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