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Call Tracker Manager Software

Call Tracker Manager software is used to log into the Call Tracker and listen to and review your call records. With the same interface you can manage the settings on your Call Tracker.

Call Tracker Manager is non-licensed software and can be installed on as many PC's as require access. With Call Tracker Manager you can::

  • Listen to Calls, Email and Export call lists
  • Use the Live Monitor feature to listen to calls in progress
  • Search call records for specific calls by date, time, or phone number
  • Create and manage users and create user profiles

Entry level multi-agent supervision on your network


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Call Tracker Manager software is used to both listen to recorded calls as well as program both the Call Tracker and Call Tracker Plus systems. It can be loaded on any number of PCs and allows access o the recorded calls that are both stored on the device and those that have been backed up to a network drive for longer term storage. A manager can also live monitor calls using the software

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