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Call Reporter Pro 2 Supervisor Software

Call Reporter Pro 2 Supervisor Software is included with our Digital Station Side recorders and PRI Side Multicorder Recorder and is our top level PC networked based Supervision & Agent Grading package. Call Reporter Pro 2 can also partener with any of our recording products to deliver high-end reporting & supervison features.

Installed on any PC on your network, Call Reporter Pro 2 is a complete suite of graphical reporting and agent grading features for any company serious about detailed employee evaluation. Key features include:

  • Departmental grouping of calls
  • Reports on call activity
  • Sophisitcated Agent Grading module
  • Staff and Department grading reports

Call Reporter Pro 2 Supervisor Software


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The Call Reporter Pro 2 Recording Solution provides the management information from our Call Recording Systems to help you improve your sales, customer service and overall company. The Call Reporter Pro 2 PC Call Recording management software delivers everything a professional supervisor power user requires and allows access to your recordings wherever they are on your network (they are also independent of the Digital Call Recording hardware recorder platform you have chosen).

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Feature Highlihts Include:

-Immediate Search Results

-Multiple Book Marks Per Call

-Speed Playback Control

-Redaction (Erase a Portion of a Call)

-Email Bookmarks, or Complete CAll with Password Protection

-Creation of Queries for Repeated Searches

-User Control by User Profile and Login

-Call Reports, Graphs and Scoring

-Access Log Security Tracking