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BackOffice IP/SIP Central Recorder

BackOffice IP/SIP is our central call recorder for IP phones & SIP Lines/Trunks. Centrally connected on a PC in your data communications cabinet, BackOffice IP/SIP connects to your Telecoms IP network (phone or line side) and records all your calls. BackOffice IP/SIP is compatible with most variants of IP Phones, Lines and IP PBX systems. Key features include:

  • Records all calls automatically
  • Ability to pause recording when taking sensitive information
  • Store Date, Time, Duraltion, Caller ID, Dialled Digits
  • Store and Backup on central PC or anywhere on your network or on our secure web server
  • Works seamlessly with Call Manager & Reporter Pro Supervisors
  • Mix and match Digital, Analog, IP and Digital (ISDN) Lines
  • Full integration with our fantastic Web Services for superior management on line.

BackOffice IP/SIP - IP Recorder for line side or extension side


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BackOffice IP/SIP is a Voice Over IP (VoIP) call recording software. Compatible with most of the main phone system manufacturers unique protocols, BackOffice IP Records Calls using Port Mirroring to record all of the phone traffic on your network.  BackOffice IP/SIP is also compatible with most SIP based line services as well. Available from a single seat of call recording up to many thousands, BackOffice IP/SIP can be used to mix and match Analog, Digital (lines and phones) and VoIP all on the same recorder using centralized storage or our web services platform.

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BackOffice IP integrates seamlessly with our Web Services to deliver powerful monitoring, reporting and alerting features available on any device!